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Journal of Andrology and Gynecology Case Reports

Journal of Andrology and Gynecology Case Reports

Journal of Andrology and Gynecology Case Reports publishes Images in Andrology Case Reports, Journal of Gynecology, Case Reports in Obstetrics Journal, Imaging in Gynecology etc. Andrology is the study of male-specific health concerns with an emphasis on basic aspects of their reproductive system and the diagnosis and treatment of infertility-related medical conditions, sexual dysfunction and urological problems.

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Journal of Andrology, Obstetrics and Gynecology Case Reports focuses on the topics under Andrology, Obstetrics and Gynecology that includes:

Reproductive Medicine, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), Erectile Dysfunction, Fecundity, Genitourinary Medicine, Gynaecologic oncology, Obstetrics, Oral Contraceptive, Ovarian Research, Semen Analysis, Sex Hormones, Sexual Development, Sperm Studies, Urological Disorders, Urology, Vaginal Estrogens, Clinical Andrology, Prostate Cancer, Pelvic Floor Studies, Ovarian Studies, Reproductive Science & Disorder, Women's Health, Embryology, Male Sexual Dysfunction, Reproductive Oncology, Family Planning, Urinary Tract Infections and Midwifery.

Case Reports in Andrology and Gynecology Journal publishes study related to Case Reports in Andrology and Gynocology and all medical field research and developments. The journal focuses on the topics that include:

Urology Journal

Urology is the study that deals with the ailments of the urinary tract and the male regenerative framework. Urology studies ithe maladies influencing the bladder, urethra, ureters, kidneys, and adrenal organs, alongside the epididymis, penis, prostate, original vesicles and testes particularly in men.

Erectile Dysfunction Journal

Erectile dysfunction (ED) influences upwards of 30 million men in the United States. Half of men over age 75 experience ED, as indicated by the National Institutes of Health. Erectile Dysfunction is usually called "weakness." It's a condition in which a man can't accomplish or keep up an erection amid sexual execution. Side effects might likewise incorporate lessened sexual yearning or moxie. These sorts of issues can happen whenever and to any man. Causes essentially include fatigue, stress, relationship issues, execution tension, liquor consumption.

Reproductive Biology Journal

Reproductive Biology deals with the reproductive system. The organs associated with Reproductive Biology and the disorders and problems that can occur in the reproductive system.

Reproductive Science & Disorders Journal

Reproductive Science & Disorders works on the ways and methods required to counter the disorders associated with the reproductive system. Understanding the working of the reproductive system.

Reproductive Endocrinology Journal

Reproductive endocrinology is a branch of medication that distinguishes and treats infertility in both men and ladies. In the United States, 15 percent of all couples will confront ripeness issues, and numerous will be determined to have a regenerative issue.

Ovarian Research Journal

Ovarian Research deals with the ovarian function, abnormalities, disorders and cancer relating to ovary. The study and problems related to ovaries are covered in Ovarian Research.

Semen Analysis Journal

The movement, function, composition and infertility aspects related to semen are categorized under semen analysis. Amount of semen produced, quality of the sperm and infertility aspects are studied in semen analysis.

Sperm Studies Journal

Sperm studies deals with the function, morphology, dynamics and disorders related to the sperm. The disorders and research studies associated with the sperm are dealt in sperm studies.

Fecundity Journal

What a radiant word fecundity is! It alludes to an intense profitability, more often than not in the region of normal development, either from the earth or by human generation. In any case, it can likewise be utilized to depict incredible mental capacity and imagination, the capacity to make scholarly items. Regardless, fruitfulness has a positive sense, proposing sound development of life-structures and mental capacities.

Sexual Development Journal

Sexual development are the studies that are concerned with the aspects of the sexual organs, sexual behavior, sexual medicine and promotion of sexual health are covered in sexual development.

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

Assisted reproductive innovation (ART) is the innovation used to accomplish pregnancy in methodology, for example, ripeness solution, manual sperm injection, in vitro preparation and surrogacy. It is conceptive innovation utilized fundamentally for fruitlessness medicines, and is otherwise called richness treatment.

Vaginal Estrogens Journal

Estrogen expands the danger that you will create endometrial malignancy (growth of the uterus' coating [womb]). The more you utilize estrogen, the more noteworthy the danger that you will create endometrial growth. In the event that you have not had a hysterectomy (surgery to uproot the uterus), you may be given another medicine called a progestin to bring with vaginal estrogen. This may diminish your danger of creating endometrial disease, however, may build your danger of adding to certain other wellbeing issues, including bosom tumor.

Oral Contraceptive Journal

Oral contraceptives (conception prevention pills) are utilized to avoid pregnancy. Estrogen and progestin are two female sex hormones. Mixes of estrogen and progestin work by forestalling ovulation (the arrival of eggs from the ovaries). A lady gets to be pregnant when an egg discharged from her ovary (the organ that holds her eggs) is treated by a man's sperm. The treated egg appends to within a lady's womb (uterus), where it gets support and forms into an infant.

Sex Hormones Journal

Hormones that cater to sexual development and reproduction are termed as sex hormones. Play a vital role in reproduction the development of sex hormones and well being of the sexual state of the individual.

Endocrine Disruptors Journal

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that may meddle with the body's endocrine framework and produce antagonistic formative, regenerative, neurological, and resistant impacts in both people and natural life. An extensive variety of substances, both common and man-made, are thought to bring about endocrine disturbance.

Sexual Dysfunction Journal

Sexual dysfunction is the point at which you have an issue that keeps you from needing or getting a charge out of sexual movement. It can happen at whatever time, from that first redden of energy to climax.

Gynaecologic Oncology Journal

Gynecologic oncology is a particular field of drug that spotlights on tumors of the female reproductive system, including ovarian malignancy, uterine disease, vaginal tumor, cervical growth, vulvar growth. As specialists, gynecologic oncologist have broad preparing in the determination and treatment of these diseases.

Urological Disorders Journal

Urological disorders can include inborn or procured brokenness of the urinary framework. Kidney illnesses are typically researched and treated by nephrologists, while the strength of urology manages issues in alternate organs.

Reproductive Medicine Journal

Reproductive medicine is the sphere of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and management of reproductive problems. Main objective of reproductive medicine is to maintain the reproductive health of individual and enhance the performance of the reproductive system.

Andrology Journal

Andrology is a restorative control managing men's wellbeing, and especially in issues joined with the urinary and genital frameworks (barrenness, sexual brokenness, neoplasmata). The supposed "male factor" is the reason for pair infertility in up to 50% of cases. One of the fundamental parts of the andrologist is an assessment of male richness before starting techniques of helped proliferation (intrauterine insemination, in vitro preparation).

Gynecology Journal

Gynecology concentrates on ladies' conceptive wellbeing. It works on the problems and issues faced by ladies. Mainly the reproductive problems and issues connecting to the reproductive system are dealth in the field of Gynecology.

Genitourinary Medicine Journal

Genitourinary medicine is the branch of medical science that is concerned with the study, treatment, diagnosis of diseases of the genital and urinary organs, especially sexually transmitted disease.

Obstetrics Journal

An obstetrician is a doctor authority who gives medicinal and surgical consideration to ladies and has specific skill in pregnancy, labor, and issue of the regenerative framework. Obstetrician incorporates safeguard care, pre-birth care, identification of sexually transmitted illnesses, Pap test screening.

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