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Journal of Pandemic and Epidemic Case Reports

Journal of Pandemic and Epidemic Case Reports

Journal of Pandemic and Epidemic Case Reports publishes Pandemic Case Reports, Journal of Epidemic Case Reports, Pandemic Journal, Epidemic Journal etc. Journal of Pandemic and Epidemic Case Reports features article on all aspects of viral structure and viral types, viral immunological studies like host-virus interaction, host defenses, replication and maturation studies of virus etc and different types of viral-associated diseases, viral oncology studies antiviral studies on both cancer causing diseases and normal viral diseases special references to HIV, hepatitis virus along with Antiviral drugs studies on validation, immunology impacts on the host and present scenario on viral structure, viral genetic, the emergence of different types of viruses.

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Case Report Journal in Epidemic and Pandemic Diseases: An epidemic is a disease that spreads rapidly among many folks in an exceedingly community at an equivalent time. A pandemic is an outbreak of worldwide proportions. It happens when a novel virus emerges among humans. It causes serious illness and this is easily human transmissible disease or spreads easily from one person to another one. This word pandemic comes from the Greek word pandemos meaning "pertaining to all or any people". The Greek word pan means "all" and therefore the Greek word demos means "people". A pandemic disease covers a much and wider geographical region, often worldwide. A pandemic situation also infects more people than an epidemic. An epidemic is specific to one city, region or country, while a pandemic goes much further than national borders. A pandemic is usually caused by a new virus strain or subtype. Virus-infected humans either have no immunity against, or little or no immunity. If immunity is low or non-existent the virus is much more likely to spread around the world if it becomes easier the human transmissible disease. Pandemics generally cause much higher numbers of deaths than epidemics. The social disruption, economic loss, and general hardship caused by a pandemic are much more than what an epidemic can cause. An epidemic is when the number of individuals who become infected rises well beyond what's expected within a country or a region of a country. When the infection takes place in several countries at a similar time it then starts turning into a pandemic.

Relevant topics and Journal of Infectious Diseases and Therapy: Virology & Antiviral Research, Immunological Techniques & Infectious Diseases, Infectious Disease and Pathology, Clinical Infectious Diseases & Practice, COVID 19, Coronavirus, Novel Coronavirus infection, Endemic, Pandemic and Epidemic Diseases.

Infectious diseases journal includes a wide range of fields which include research on Bacterial Infections, sexually transmitted infections, Antiviral therapy, Antibiotics, Parasitic Infections, Viral infections, Vaccines, Respiratory Tract Infections, Infections caused by animals, Advanced Therapies etc. 

Pandemic and Epidemic Case Reports Journal in Vaccines and Clinical Trials is findings on clinical research of vaccines, drugs, dietary supplements and medical instruments on human participants, in order to closely monitor and regulate its efficiency, associated safety issues, behavioral and physiological response, side effects and possible allergies. process of vaccine development and research encompassing laboratory and animal studies, preclinical stage studies, clinical trials and approval to insure for novel vaccines and drugs. Vaccine research involves the study of antigenic biomolecules capable of instigating adaptive immune responses in individuals against the specific type of diseases, their way of administration, study and efficacy, large scale distribution and long term effects and side effects.

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