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Dermatologic Surgery Case Reports Journal: Dermatology

Dermatologic Surgery Case Reports Journal: Dermatology

Dermatologic Surgery Case Reports Journal: Dermatology publishing case reports in Dermatologic Surgery journal, Dermatology Surgery case reports journal, journal of Dermatologic Surgery case reports, journal of Dermatology Surgery case reports etc. Exclusively devoted to dermatologic surgery, the Dermatologic Surgery journal publishes the most clinically comprehensive and up-to-date information in its field. This unique monthly journal provides today’s most expansive and in-depth coverage of cosmetic and reconstructive skin surgery and skin cancer through peer-reviewed original articles, extensive illustrations, case reports, ongoing features, literature reviews and correspondence. The journal provides information on the latest scientific information for all types of dermatologic surgery including:

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Ambulatory phlebectomy, Blepharoplasty, Body contouring, Chemical peels, Cryosurgery, Curettage and desiccation, Dermabrasion, Excision and closure, Flap Surgery, Grafting, Hair restoration surgery, Injectable neuromodulators, Laser surgery, Liposuction, Microdermabrasion, Microlipoinjection, Micropigmentation, Mohs micrographic surgery, Nail surgery, Phlebology, Sclerotherapy, Skin cancer surgery, Skin resurfacing, Soft-tissue fillers.

Dermatologists, dermatologic surgeons, plastic surgeons, oculoplastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons consider this a must-read publication for anyone in the field.

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